At Replace, the focus is on sustainability and quality - in our business relationships and our products. We deliver regulatory compliance and peace of mind to our partners.


We ensure that the value of used electronic devices is maintained for as long as possible. We are guided by the principles of circle economy, resource efficiency and waste hierarchy. Our partners can be confident the all devices are tested and evaluated for possible future activities (reuse, repair, recondition, refurbish, recycling) so their value would not be lost. None of the devices are shredded before evaluation.

Through re-use of the device and saving resources, we contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. We monitor our company’s resource use to be sure that the positive environmental impact of our company will always be greater than our negative environmental impact.

We promote reusing IT equipment and for our part, we guarantee the good quality of our reused equipment and the end customer’s trust in reusable equipment.