Replace delivers compliance with European Community Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) to our partners as a service. In addition, we help partners recover the residual value in electronic waste streams, including reusable functional devices and components for spares and repair.

Reclaiming value from electronics residues

Waste electronics can be turned from a revenue drain to an income stream, generating additional value for your business as we extract value from reusable devices and components. Electronic waste streams typically contain viable devices, and components that can be reclaimed and reused in other devices or resold as spares. Replace identifies, extracts, assess and repairs these items.

High reuse rates reduce recycling costs

Reuse of viable components (HDD, RAM, CPU) and devices slashes electronics recycling expenditure and raises resale revenue simultaneously, delivering more value to our partners.

Collecting valuable devices and components

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and Macbooks, desktop computing equipment and network equipment can all offer more value in reuse and resale than when recycled.

Training, logistics and security

Replace trains our partner staff to identify reusable electronics which can then be transported to us. We erase all data, assess items for resale and reimburse our partners.

Sergei Valiulin

Recycling channel manager