as a Service

Replace partners can use Replace to access GDPR compliance as a service, allowing Replace to perform data security duties and supply relevant documentation.

We provide GDPR compliance throughout partner supply chains by:

  • Securely erasing data from all devices we handle
  • Establishing secure chains of custody for all devices

Hardware data security

Replace uses industry leading tools to erase data on all devices supplied to us, ensuring that our partners fulfil their data security duties under GDPR. When we’re finished, the data on a device is gone for good; even data recovery specialists can’t retrieve it.

Device chain of custody

Every device supplied to Replace is tracked and monitored, with each movement through our processing recorded and certified. Each device Replace works with is monitored throughout our assessment, testing, repair, warehousing and dispatch process. Multipoint manual inspections complement automated monitoring and secure storage to ensure a secure chain of custody.

Certification for security of data and devices

Replace gives our partners verified certification that data security and device monitoring measures have been carried out. Every Replace partner gets full documentation demonstrating compliant handling of sensitive data on each device.

Kaarel Oras

Data Protection Specialist