End-of-life Solutions for Lessors and Insurers

Replace offers endoflife solutions for leased and insured products. The residual value of endoflease devices and insurance replacements can be accessed by Replace and passed on to our partners.

For leasing companies

When leased products reach the end of their life, Replace collects, assesses, stores and resells devices from our partners. By doing this, lessors recoup additional value from the assets they own after they reach the end of their lease.

For insurance companies

Replace provides supply chain management solutions for insurers, allowing them to recover the value of insurance returns, including functional, damaged and writtenoff devices.

Quality replacementsendtoend partnership

When insured items must be replaced, our partners look to us to supply highquality, reused devices with high margins, backed by careful testing and warranty.

Siim Keskpalu

Commercial sales manager