Code of Conduct


We follow the generally recognized economic, social, environmental, and ethical standards of behavior, that is in accordance with the current laws and regulations of our own policies and the requirements of our partners.

We act in accordance with the requirements of the law, and are guided by common sense, good faith and following the general guidelines:

  • Our business is legal and based on fair competition.
  • Our activities are organized in accordance with good corporate governance and are in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, and 27001: 2017. Additionally, the requirements of the ISO 45001: 2018 standard have been taken into account in the improvement of work organization.

This Code of Conduct is for our workers, partners, and subcontractors to comply with. The employees are introduced to the Code of Conduct during their introductory training. Partners and subcontractors are introduced to the Code of Conduct when signing a cooperation contract or when starting a cooperative relationship.


  • For us, customer’s interests come first. We communicate with them honestly and frankly, and keep our promises.
  • We handle customer data in a way that respects and protects their privacy, and we keep their information confidential, only using it for work purposes.
  • We respect and protect the customer’s intellectual rights.
  • We offer our clients the best service we can with a professional team.
  • We do our best to comply with the special requirements raised by the customer.
  • We consistently conduct customer surveys and use the collected data to improve customer relations.


  • We ensure the fair and equal treatment of every employee, and it is prohibited to discriminate someone based on their age, sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political views, or marital status.
  • We do not tolerate physical, mental, verbal nor sexual harassment.
  • We do not employ the workforce below the legal minimum nor any kind of forced or involuntary labor.
  • We prioritize occupational health and work safety issues.
  • We systematically work on workplace safety issues and continually strive to improve workplace safety and prevent any incidents.
  • We provide our employees with the best possible work conditions, a safe work environment, and appropriate personal protection equipment.
  • We comply with all laws regarding pay, working hours, and vacation.
  • We respect the freedom of association and negotiation of workers.
  • Our employees have the freedom to form and join worker’s unions and other collective agreements.
  • Employees may not express opinions on behalf of the company, without the approval of the board, in any media, investors, financial or industry analysts, or social media on any matters concerning the company.


  • We strive to act responsibly in every situation and in every country, in which we operate.
  • We are environmentally responsible in our operations and take measures to prevent possible environmental damage.
  • We work to prevent potential emergencies and have developed emergency response guidelines to minimize damages to life, the environment and property.
  • We constantly and systematically look for ways to improve our operations.
  • We choose partners who share our principles and uphold our values.


  • We do not accept any form of corruption or bribery.
  • We have zero tolerance for corruption (including extortion, bribery, fraud, money laundering, etc.). We do not accept, either through ourselves or through third parties, any influence that may affect our decisions, just as we do not, either through ourselves or through third parties, give third parties the benefit of our own decisions.
  • Every event that points to corruption will automatically involve the investigation and monitoring process by management.
  • We will not accept gifts (service or item, never cash) that exceeds 200€. If the intention of the gift is to influence business relationships and decisions, the gift will be perceived as a bribe.
  • It is a good practice for us to share gifts with colleagues. We do not favor personalized gifts – the joy is better shared between colleagues.
  • We avoid potential conflicts of interest in our work – financial or other personal factors that may affect employee loyalty, professional judgment, or professional conduct.
  • We do not make gifts/donations to state/local government/political representatives.
  • We adhere to accurate and transparent accounting that fully complies with the law and good accounting practice.
  • We take legally required anti-money laundering measures.
  • Any employee who suspects or discovers a violation of the Code of Conduct or the policies of the company must report this to their immediate manager, HR, or a member of the board. We ensure that employees who have brought problems in good faith are not exposed to discrimination or retaliation.


  • We acknowledge and behave upon the UN Declaration on Human Rights.
  • All employees – whether part-time, full-time, contract or subcontractors – are treated equally, with respect.
  • The right of expression and the protection of personal data is guaranteed for all employees.
  • We respect differences between people, we do not discriminate people based on their gender, age, appearance, sexual orientation, language, origin, financial status, special needs, disability, religion, political or other opinions.


  • We regard all complaints and suggestions to our staff and partners with due diligence.
  • We encourage immediately notifying the manager, HR Department, sending an email at, or posting a note in the letterbox (located in Killustiku Lane 1 building corridor and in the Vabriku 2a building wardrobe) if any suspicious non-compliance with our Code of Conduct is observed in any way.
  • We guarantee anonymity and ensure that no one, who in good faith has drawn attention to the breach, is threatened by discrimination or punishment.
  • If necessary, committee of inquiry or a meeting is convened to review the feedback received and to take action to rectify the breach.